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Stress & Depression Relief Classes in Townsville

Today more than ever, stress is a big part of our lives and our everyday living. Taking time to do something for yourself, possibly something you’ve always wanted to do can be the one thing that could make a massive positive difference in your busy life.

Playing with flowers is an excellent way to beat stress and depression. Discover the natural beauty of flowers by creating amazing designs with us and learning the forgotten language of flowers. 

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Bridal Floristry Course in Townsville Region

Join with other students and learn how to make your own flowers for your wedding? How about creating flower arrangements for a friend’s or family member’s wedding? 

Learn how to choose the correct and freshest flowers for your wedding floral arrangements.  Discover the correct types of flowers to use in your arrangements and wedding bouquets. Learn how to make wedding flowers last the distance and create amazing wedding flowers for your own or friend’s wedding.

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to create simple, elegant and budget-friendly designs for your loved ones.  

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Floristry Short Courses Available  Townsville Region

Beginner’s Floristry Courses in Canberra

Looking for a dynamic short course in floristry to activate your creative juices?

We’ll teach you the basic principles of floral design and colour in this fun course. You’ll discover exactly what to take with you when you visit a friend or family member in the hospital and what’s appropriate for different occasions? How can you make your house look more inviting? This course will give you a good basic knowledge of flowers and floristry that will help you in your everyday life.

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nrtcollogoSFL20110 – Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant) for Floristry Students in the Townsville Region

What does this course involve?

This Cert ll qualification in floristry will allow you to enter into the industry at an assistant level. The floristry industry is a rewarding and fulfilling career.   Job positions may include traditional retail floristry shops, studios and floristry businesses who sell via the internet or phone. 

You will learn basic floristry skills and techniques required to assemble items such as bunch, bouquets, boxed arrangements, table centres and basic wired items such as corsages and buttonholes.

This course will give you the base as a florist assistant.

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nrtcollogoSFL30110 – Certificate III in Floristry for Townsville Florist Students and Business Owners

Full Fee Courses, Subsidised Courses, Concessions Available and RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) options.

The course qualification will allow you to enter the industry with a recognised qualification as a florist in the local Townsville region or anywhere else in Australia as a florist.

This course offers a strong foundation for students wishing to enter the floristry industry and those with more than just a passing interest in floral design. As one of our valued students, you will learn advanced construction skills and techniques and the best practises for design and construction for arrangements, weddings, funerals and local events.  

This course will give you a qualification as a professional florist.

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nrtcollogoCertificate IV (SFL40115) in Floristry for Townsville Florist Students and Business Owners

What you will learn from our Cert 4 floristry course

Our course (SFL40110) will help you develop and further your floristry, business skills and confidence to help you either start or grow your career in the Townsville floristry sector.  

The standard prerequisite for this course to have a minimum of Two (2) years floristry industry experience.  The course is government accredited and has national recognition (RTO Provider Code: 41063) which safeguards you from learning non industry compliant skillsets.   

Once you have gained competency in all the units, you will be awarded SFL40110 – Certificate IV in floristry.  This certificate will equip owners and managers of floristry shops to design and create advanced floristry designs to take their place as a leader in the local florist industry.

This certificate will give you a qualification as a manager in the floristry business.

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