Snow Berry

Snowberries are characterised by wonderful colours, a good growth and hard berries. It is important to harvest the berries at the correct time because if the berries ripen they become softer and damage easily.

All the newer varieties grow straight with many equal branches full of berries. The older varieties, Red Pearl and Scarlet Pearl, grow in a vase-like shape. Their unique colour is much appreciated. By choosing the right species one can spread the harvest to nearly two months. 

Getting Creative with Symphoricarpos

Did you know ….

  • The snowberry (or coral berry) is related to Viburnum (snowball and related varieties) and Sambucus (elder). 
  • Symphoricarpos are available in white, pink and more recently also in light green (e.g. Greenpearl Fantasy)
  • These plants originate in eastern Canada and in the north of the United States. The name is composed of the Greek words “sumphein”(=growing together) and “karpos”(=fruit)and therefore indicates the growing together of follicles.
  • Symphoricarpos is a genuine seasonal product, with supply peaks in September and October.

Debby’s Tips

  • Their life is 10 to 14 days.
  • Before use, cut off a piece of each branch, place them in clean water and change the water regularly. During every water change, cut another piece from each stem.
  • As a garden plant, Symphoricarpos tolerates fresh snow and makes few demands on soil and food. 
  • Symphoricarpos is used on natural plantations and in the case of some types, as ground cover.