8 Tips to keep cut flowers cool in the heat

With Valentine's Day this week, Flowers to Impress offers you these top tips for keeping your cut flowers cool in the heat. Note that these tips are useful year-round, and not just for Valentine's Day!

  1. Take your flowers home as soon as possible - don't leave them in a hot car!
  2. Remove any plastic wrapping as soon as possible.
  3. Place them in a clean vase with cold water as soon as possible. Make sure you change the water in your vase every couple of days. Keep your vase water topped up - flowers will drink lots of extra water in hot conditions.
  4. If your flowers came in a basket/box or other container with floral foam in the base, add fresh cool water every day to keep your flowers hydrated.
  5. Put your cut flowers in the coolest room of your house when no one is home.
  6. Place them in an area away from drafts and vents.
  7. Keep the temperature of your home as consistent as possible (use air conditioning, if possible).
  8. Remove any dead or dying flowers from the arrangement.