Christmas Floristry Short Course 2018

Christmas Floristry Short Course 2018

from 495.00

This special short course centres around Christmas and how you can incorporate flowers into your celebrations this festive season. You will learn that flowers are an important part of Christmas celebrations, and about the history of Advent Wreaths and Christmas trees. You will also create some beautiful and unique festive arrangements.

This course will help you to decorate your home and create gifts for friends this festive season!

Classes for 2018 available in Toowoomba, Cairns and Townsville.

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Course Details:

Lesson 1:  Christmas - a time of giving & its history

Practical: Christmas Bouquet & Small Arrangement

Lesson 2: What is Advent & how do flowers fit in?

      Practical: Advent Wreath

Lesson 3: Christmas Trees & their history

      Practical: Christmas Tree & Christmas Basket

Lesson 4: Why should we have flowers at Christmas

      Practical: Table Arrangement & Candle Holder

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