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Certificate Courses

Delivering Nationally Accredited Training in Floristry

Flowers to Impress is an inspirational and creatively artistic Floristry School founded by a team of master florists, influenced by European design. Flowers to Impress offer a variety of courses from recreational classes, school based traineeships and nationally-accredited training for the following professions:

  • Floristry Assistant
  • Professional Florist
  • Florist Shop Manager

We conduct our classes on-site, online and worldwide. Our primary location is Toowoomba, the beautiful garden city of Queensland, Australia which is famous for its annual Carnival of Flowers each September.

Find out more information for each of these courses below.



Certificate II in Floristry


(excl. flowers & materials)

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+ $300 enrolment fee


Term 1: Intro to Floristry

Term 2: Botanic & Shop Practice


This course is your introduction into the floristry industry. This certificate equips you to create basic floristry designs and develop accountability.

Certificate III in Floristry


(excl. flowers & materials)

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+ $300 enrolment fee


Term 1: Modern Design

Term 2: Bridal Design

Term 3: Sympathy Design

This course is designed to develop your skills and knowledge of the floristry industry to help you become an accomplished and successful florist

Certificate IV in Floristry


+ $300 enrolment fee

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Term 1: Construct Complex Design

Term 2: Innovative Ideas at Work

Term 3: Managing & Promoting a Flower Shop


This course was designed to develop the skills and knowledge you need to become an experienced and successful employee in the floristry industry.